Delmar T Spivey World War 2 POW Record

POW Data from Historical Archives:
NameDelmar T Spivey
Ser. NumberO 017278
GradeColonel Or Superintendent Of Nurses
ArmAir Corps
First Report08/12/1943
Last Report05/22/1945
OrganizationArmy Air Forces
Parent Unit8912
Unit TypeForce Or Forces Fleet Battalion
AreaEuropean Theatre Germany
SourceOfficial Sources
StatusLiberated Or Repatriated
Detaining PowerGermany
CampStalag Luft 3 Sagan Silesia Bavaria Move
About This Data Record
Apr 17, 2014 - This WW2 POW record for Colonel Or Superintendent Of Nurses Delmar T Spivey is one of 143,374 found in our historical archive for U.S. servicemen and civilians who were held captive by Germany or Japan during World War II. Our archived military lists include officers as well as enlisted men and women, reservists, etc. Sources of our data are government and public collections and files.

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