George Juskalian - World War 2 POW Record

About This Data Record
Nov 1, 2014 - This WW2 POW record for Captain or Assistant Superintendent or Director Juskalian, first name George is one of 143,374 found in our historical archive for U.S. servicemen and civilians who were held captive by Germany or Japan during World War II. Sources of our archived military lists data are government and public collections and files. We thank all who have honorably served for their country and the greater good towards a more peaceful and equitable world. Special honor to those who have unusually suffered and sacrificed when called to duty far from their homes.
+ Personnel File Core Info:
George Juskalian
Ser. Number
O 339066
Captain or Assistant Superintendent or Director
Army, Infantry
Parent Unit
Unit Type
Group Regiment Commands System
Detaining Power
First Report
Last Report
European Theatre Germany
Official Sources
Liberated or Repatriated

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